• I was involved in a work accident back in November of 2014. A machine fell on my right hand, damaging the ligaments and tendons. I lost complete use of my right hand which affected my life since I was right handed. Dr. Pierce saw me and put me on a plan to get me back to work and to be able to participate in my life activities. I was devastated after the accident and fell into a depression, Dr. Pierce worked with me along with his staff to keep me positive. If it wasn’t for Dr. Pierce’s care, I do not know where I would be today. When I started seeing him my pain level was a 10 and some days it was off the pain chart! Today with the help and guidance of Dr. Pierce I’m almost at a 0!! I continue my physical therapy and home exercises. I cannot stress enough how wonderful and educated Dr. Pierce and his staff are.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Pierce since 2015 for physical therapy and pain relief due to an auto accident. When I walked through the door at MSSC, my pain level was around an 8 or 9, and after working with Dr. Pierce and following his directions my pain level is around 1. I highly recommend Dr. Pierce to anyone looking for a doctor who cares and definitely knows what they're talking about. Dr. Pierce will get you back to feeling good!
  • I really enjoy Dr. Pierce’s combo of seriousness with humor. It really puts me at ease and makes me feel comfortable. I could tell right away that Doc really cares about his patients. Dr. Pierce is more like a ‘teammate’ than a doctor, so much more approachable. I told him what was wrong and he fixed it!
  • Dr. Jeff Pierce and his staff are awesome! I suffered from neck pain for over two years and after physical therapy and steroid injections, I am 90% pain-free! I love how Dr. Pierce believes in healing the body with a combination of physical therapy and other alternatives, instead of just prescribing medication. I am doing great and am able to continue riding my horses!
  • From my initial visit, Dr. Pierce made certain he had a plan in place to gather all the necessary diagnostic tests to treat my pain most appropriately, including an MRI and EMG. The tests were quickly scheduled and results were reviewed by my support team and myself. Dr. Pierce recommended steroid injections. I was very hesitant, so he graciously modified the treatment plan by using oral steroids, at my request.  
  • Michigan sports and spine has been helping me so much with my pain from bone disease lupus and nerve disease. Dr. Pierce and his associates are very understanding and kind. I would recommend him to anyone. He is truly a great doctor.
    Sheryl Trupiano, 2021
  • My primary care doctor gave me Dr. Pierce's contact info as I've been dealing with ongoing back pain for a few years and it has started to hold me back from things. I am SO glad I decided to take the first step and make an appointment at Michigan Sports and Spine Center. The doctors created a program just for me and my specific issues. I will now be able to participate in more events and family functions, especially now that summer is coming! I have Dr. Pierce and the staff at Michigan sports and spine center to thank for giving me my freedom back!!! I am so excited to be living a more pain-free and worry-free life. Thank you kindly.
  • Dr. Pierce is one the best! He helped me with disc issues three years ago and now recently new issues. They were able to get me in quickly without hesitation. And the injections given to me have seemed to help along with the physical therapy he ordered. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pierce for any issues you may be experiencing.
  • I am a new patient at MSSC but I already feel very confident in the doctors and staff at the Livonia office. Dr. Pierce had a tele-health visit with me, saw how much pain I was in, and got me in for an injection the very next day. The relief I have had since that first visit has only been supplemented by a responsive staff, a willingness to work with my hectic schedule, and a degree of care I have not seen in any other doctor's office. His staff is excellent to work with on verifying insurance, they got my medication and home exercise info to me quickly, and they got me set up with PT appointments all within a couple days of my first visit. Dr. Pierce was patient and receptive when I spoke to him about my pain and my questions around my treatment plan. He called to check in after my ESI and made sure that my requests surrounding PT were followed through on. I am very happy with him as my doctor! The team at MSSC are experts at what they do. I strongly recommend Dr. Pierce and his team to anyone dealing with a herniated disc or chronic back pain.
  • I am very happy to be seeing Dr Pierce. I always have a great visit , with the whole staff. I actually wish I had seen Dr. Pierce way sooner in my life, but I am very thankful I am finally with a great, caring Doctor. He likes to make you work , and I did hate it in the beginning , thinking how in the world with a bad spine and other issues am I going to do this stuff. Well, I’ve been doing it and wow what a difference the Yoga I am doing is making on my muscles and especially my core strengths.
  • I suffered with horrific nerve pain that many Dr.’s hadn’t been able to help me with. I tried therapy and different medications and nothing helped until I saw Dr. Jeff Pierce. His treatment helped me get my life back!!
  • I have been seeing Dr. Pierce for few years now and I will recommend him for my friends and family. If you have injury due to sports or any other reason I recommend this practice. They even have a physical therapy office which next door from the Livonia location

Fedor Fedorov

Professional Hockey Player

I went to Michigan Sports and Spine saw Dr. Pierce and he made me feel comfortable right away. As a professional athlete I have to perform at the highest level. When it comes to sports medicine I come to Michigan Sports and Spine they get you on your feet and make you feel good again. Their on point, very professional and its results only, you can’t beat that.


MSSC Patient

I was suffering with pain in my lower back and my knees. I was in so much pain I couldn’t do anything for myself. I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t bath, I couldn’t do any of the necessary things to exist in life. I came to Dr. Pierce where he gave me x-rays of my knees and my back. After he did that he told me I’m going to need a knee replacement or we have another thing we can do; an injection that we would put in the knee. I was improved 80 to 90%. He’s been a life saver for me. I’m back where I can do things for myself and I’m just thankful for him, what he’s done for me.

Darren McCarty

Professional Hockey Player

Dr. Pierce and Michigan Sports and Spine have a lot ot do with my come back in 2008. It’s not only what you see on the ice, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. He’s not only one of the best professionals, he’s one of the best people I know. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. Anybody that walks in to see him he gives you the same professional care.


Centerline Softball Player

My name is Gabrielle and I’m 16 years old. A few years I was in a car accident. My dream before I got in my car accident was to play college softball. In my car accident, I had injured my back. I wasn’t able to do any daily functions; I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to quit softball. I didn’t want to play anymore before I got here.


I went to about six other doctors and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. No one could help me. I came to MSSC and everything kept getting better since the first day I got here. I gradually kept getting better. Everyone was really nice. After a few months of treatment and Dr. Pierce’s help, I’m back on top of my game. He was able to put my dream of being a softball pitcher back on track. The best thing about Michigan Sports and Spine is that they make me feel comfortable.

The level of care I get at Michigan Sports and Spine is awesome. I would recommend Michigan Sports and Spine to anyone who has pain that they don’t know what’s wrong and they don’t know what to do anymore. Come here because they’ll help you.



MSSC Patient

Michigan Sports & Spine Center made my life better because… Jeff Pierce was a big part of my journey to get my back healthy.

He helped me by integrating medicine with my chiropractic and my physical therapy… I was constantly in pain. I’m a runner. I’ve done triathlons. I was limited to walking and sitting… I was feeling helpless, I was in a lot of pain, it was consistent and I needed answers…


I needed to make sure I exhausted all other options before making that final decision for surgery and he (Dr. Pierce) was ideal. He was the doctor who was very open minded, he was very patient with me. We brainstormed on all the different options that were available and the different areas of study out there and when the time came, he was right there alongside with me when I was consulting with the surgeon.

After I had my surgery, he was one of the very first people that I called from the hospital to let him know that everything went fantastic. I was feeling great. I owe a lot to Dr. Jeff Pierce. I have and will continue to refer people to him, every opportunity that I have. He has a great operation and he has a wonderful staff and crew. It was a good decision.



Retired Ford Worker

I am a retired Ford worker and worked for Ford for 34 years. I injured myself 30 years ago as a young kid. Eventually I was in pain every day. I went to see my family doctor and he recommended me to Jeff Pierce. He did a little bit of therapy on me. As of today I am totally pain free. I get out of bed without pain. Start moving around without pain. First of all the staff is just perfect. At the spine center and his office, the staff just makes you feel so comfortable it is unbelievable. The service they gave me was 100% perfect. They allow me to enjoy my life now in retirement. Enjoy things with my family and without pain. I can enjoy doing a lot of things without hurting myself and if I do, I know where to come back to relieve the pain.

Steve Guolla

Professional Hockey Player

I’ve known Dr. Pierce and Michigan Sports and Spine since 2003. I played for the New Jersey Devils and I had a really bad back injury that stopped me from playing. I came to see Dr. Pierce and the professionals at Michigan Sports and Spine. They were helping me with my pain management, put me on a program to stabilize my back and I’ve now been playing hockey the last seven seasons. I recommend Dr. Pierce. If you have pain, he will help you. He’s helped me immensely. I’ve seen it with my back, my wrist, and now my knee. As a professional athlete, you need to be at your highest level. When an injury occurs, you need to see the best doctors and the best therapists. I recommend you see Dr. Pierce and the staff at Michigan Sports and Spine.

Chris Coury

Youth Hockey Coach

I’ve coached youth hockey here in the Detroit area for 43 years. Dr. Pierce introduced himself to me in 1997 or ’98 when I was coaching at Little Caesars and asked to be involved with our team as the team Dr. He remained our team Dr. at Little Caesars and then 8 years ago I joined the Belle Tire Hockey club and he came over with us.

For our team nothing but excellent service. His staff looked after us, all of our players. If we needed something, if someone was injured he immediately took care of them. He and his staff worked to get the players back on the ice and still do, as quickly as possible.

Athletes need some sort of a competitive edge to continue to play when they are injured or having their injuries taken care and treated properly so they heal quickly.


MSSC has done a fantastic job in getting the athletes back on the ice in our case, as quickly as possible, giving us a little edge some times over our competitors because we have this facility at our convenience. And with MSS everyone’s treated the same whether they are a professional athlete, or a young developing athlete or the general public and they do the same excellent job for everybody.

With any injury, this is the place to come because they will be treated quickly and everything will be done to put them back on the ice as soon as possible.

When you are in charge of a hockey team or making sure your athletes are healthy so your team is playing the best, you go to the best, and I consider MSSC the best team and they ensure that your team is in the best condition.



MSSC Patient

My name is Wattie and I’m a patient of Dr. Pierce. I was recommended to him through my orthopedic doctor. I was seriously injured in an auto accident about 15 months ago.

I had back, nerve, and disc dislocations. I’m feeling much better, I’m not out of the woods yet but thanks to Dr. Pierce, I’m able to do a lot of the things I wasn’t able to do before. He has helped me tremendously. I would tell anybody if you need professional help from a professional doctor, he’s the one to see. He gives you 1 on 1 care, professional care, and I think that it has improved my condition tremendously.

Nicole Blaszczyk

Miss Michigan 2009

Where does Miss Michigan go for the Royal Treatment when it comes to sports medicine? I go to where the best go: Michigan Sports and Spine. And you can too. Hi I’m Nicole Blaszcyk, Miss Michigan and I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I know Dr. Pierce and the staff at Michigan Sports and Spine. Being Miss Michigan is a grueling task and one of the hardest parts is preparing for Miss America. I’m a dancer and preparing for the dance competition was a grueling and physical challenge. When I had three weeks left, I threw my back out. Within 24 hours, I called Dr. Pierce at Michigan Sports and Spine and he had me in to assess what was wrong and we had a plan of how I was going to get back and healthy.


The level of care that Dr. Pierce and his staff give here at MSS is something that you can’t describe. Coming to a doctor, working with your body, making sure that they know what’s wrong with you, being comfortable with them to tell them what’s wrong is something that’s extremely important. Coming here and being comfortable with their entire staff is what was important to me and that’s why I stayed here at MSS. I’d just like to say thanks to Dr. Pierce, Jules, and the entire staff here at MSS for helping me to bring home the talent award to Michigan.



Father of MSSC Patients

Most recently we came to MSS when my daughter had an injury playing lacrosse. The trainer on her team thought she had a torn ACL so Dr. Pierce got us in to see him the next day. He made a diagnosis quickly, accurately, got us in to rehab that same day and an MRI and before I got home, I had the results. It was very imperative to us that we had these results because she was playing travel lacrosse this summer and we had plans to go to Delaware and Maryland and if it was a torn ACL, we needed to make the appropriate arrangements to cancel those plans because we wouldn’t be able to go.


But with his quick diagnosis and his excellent staff and help, we were able to get her back on the field within three weeks and she ended up winning the Catholic League championships. As a father of two travel athletes, we always choose Michigan Sports and Spine, because we get the right diagnosis quickly, accurately. The staff is excellent and we get back in the sport as quick as possible.



MSSC Patient

I was a cheerleader in high school and a very active life style, I coached gymnastics and cheerleading. I was in a car accident one day and every since then I was having very severe back and lower back pain, pain in to my leg and in to my sciatic nerve.