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With patients ranging from high-profile athletes to everyday people, we are confident that we can not only relieve, but also resolve your pain. Here at Michigan Sports & Spine Center, we believe in a non-surgical approach. Michigan Sports & Spine Center is a committed, comprehensive practice dedicated to overall health improvement, as well as injury rehabilitation and prevention. We will do everything in our power to prevent you from surgery. However, when there is no alternative but to perform surgery, we will make sure we get you into the hands of the right surgeon. .

Michigan Sports & Spine Center has proven success rates that are much higher than the national average.

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Dr. Jeff S. Pierce, DO

Dr. Jeff S. Pierce is the Medical Director at Michigan Sports & Spine Centers, PC. He specializes in a comprehensive treatment program for spine, musculoskeletal and joint injuries including sports and occupational problems. His focus for each patient is on comprehensive evaluation, proper diagnosis and individualized treatment regimens. Dr. Pierce provides an educational approach to injuries and conditions to encourage the patient to share responsibility in his or her situation. Dr. Pierce also teaches prevention techniques to prohibit further injury, empowering patients to control their recovery.