Back Injury

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Back pain and spine pain symptoms develop from everyday wear and tear, from an overuse injury, during sports or recreational activities and from injury during work or home tasks. Back pain can occur anywhere from the neck to the tailbone (coccyx). Back injuries are the most common cause of back pain. Back injuries can arise from a multitude of different ways: daily activity, tripping, falling or twisting the spine; severe back injury from trauma; or direct blows to the back or the top of the head.

Your risk of back pain increases as you age, if you have a family history of back pain, sit for long periods, lift heavy objects, or have a degenerative disease such as osteoporosis. Although most back problems occur in adults age 20 to 50, if they occur in children under the age of 20 or in adults over the age of 50, they’re more likely to have a serious cause.

Spine Care Treatments


  • Focus on whole body, not just low back pain
  • Complete history and physical exam to fully diagnose condition(s)
  • Individualized for each patient


  • Coordinated diagnostic and therapeutic referrals
  • Prompt scheduling for all appointments


  • Active not passive, non-invasive


  • Proven to be greater than 80% effective whereas the national average is about 50%


  • Educate patient on techniques to prevent further or subsequent injury
  • Empower patients to take control

#1 Risk For Future Injury Is The Previous Injury